Welcome to the QUEENS OF CAMO website!  Queens of Camo is a Social Movement & Series that follows passionate huntresses on their hunting expeditions. The show focuses on the importance of educating the public on the unique issues surrounding women who hunt.

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Product Review – Maddie Hayes All Natural Insect Repellant

Hey ya’ll, Katie here from East Texas. It’s that time of the year again for scouting out your hunting grounds and planting food plots and setting out cameras. I’m kind of getting a late start this year.Being from the deep Piney Woods of East Texas it’s hot and humid and our mosquitoes are like our […]

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Meeting Mimi

Hello QoC blog readers! First I want to thank my readers, you guys are all awesome and I appreciate you coming back to read my blog! Now, I never formally introduced myself. My name is Mimi Miracle and I am from Southern Indiana. I am 21 and a beginning huntress, I just got my first […]

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Turkey Hunting with Mimi

Turkey Season with Mimi

Like last turkey season, this one was also a complete fail, but also like last season I made some good memories and of course some great stories. & As always during turkey season I had my huntin buddy/boyfriend by my side during every hunt. Round 1 of season we heard plenty of gobbles, but where […]

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