Welcome to the QUEENS OF CAMO website!  Queens of Camo is a Social Movement & Series that follows passionate huntresses on their hunting expeditions. The show focuses on the importance of educating the public on the unique issues surrounding women who hunt.

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Sherri’s Corner – B&C Memories

Question:  Who defines what a “trophy” deer is?  Who has the right to tell you if your deer is big enough or tall enough or wide enough? Answer:  No one! My absolute biggest pet peeve when people post hunting pictures is the comments of “It’s not the biggest deer….”  “I only had 2 days to […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Posing Porcupine

I decided to take a few minutes and tell the story of my most recent Queens of Camo Calendar picture, it’s me behind a very alive and well porcupine.   I received a few comments when  I first posted this picture to social media including: “What happened after the picture?” (with the accusation that I […]

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Arika’s Corner – 2014 Colorado Archery Elk Hunt

I had 9 years of flatland bow hunting experience under my belt.   After listening to my husband Curt’s  endless stories of his elk hunting adventures, viewing hundreds of scenic pictures, and even having our house graced with a shoulder mount of a Pope and Young 6×6 bull elk that he had arrowed; I was ready […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Shared Excitement

It’s been 6 years since my brother  James and I were lucky enough to draw a Saskatchewan moose tag (Sidenote:  we were skunked in 2010!)  The early season opened the first week in October when the weather was entirely too warm to be out hunting,  we went anyway.  The season shut down just in time for […]

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Tayla’s Corner – How to do a Skull Dip

Thinking of how to mount your deer could be a difficult decision. Full shoulder mounts, as wonderful as they can be are very expensive. The cheaper route would be to go with a european mount and dipping the skull can add a decorative flare. The process is very easy and fun as well. All you […]

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Steph’s Corner – First Deer Hunt

This was my first deer hunt, which was last year. It was the most fun hunting experience I’ve had! Usually I’m hunting upland birds, but this hunt was special. So why was this special? Well, first off, it was my first time using a crossbow. I absolutely loved learning to use it, and practicing! Every […]

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Erin’s Corner – Tale of a Texas WhiteTail

This hunt came about in nothing short of a twist of fate. One afternoon as I sat and chatted with a fellow employee, Jackie, she was sharing with me a Texas Whitetail hunt she was venturing out on in the next three weeks. As the conversation continued I said, “I would love to go on […]

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