Welcome to the QUEENS OF CAMO website!  Queens of Camo is a Social Movement & Series that follows passionate huntresses on their hunting expeditions. The show focuses on the importance of educating the public on the unique issues surrounding women who hunt.

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Ducks at Dawn

Sherri’s Corner – Ducks at Dawn

Waking up hours before dawn, putting on layers of clothes, making coffee in a thermos and heading out to the field to set up decoys and blinds before first light doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun to some people.   But for me duck hunting has been part of an annual tradition for […]

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The Mom Behind The Camo (Deanna’s Corner)

“Who’s hitting?” “Who wrote on that?” “Please take the dogs out.” “Who’s homework does the baby have?” I can see your facial expression if you were outside our home any night of the week…but then the weekend rolls around. I am DeAnna Hightower. I am a mother of 4 daughters, a wife, a full time […]

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Ashley’s Corner – NWTF Convention

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been lucky enough to go the last couple of years and it’s something I really enjoy going to. If you have never been, I definitely recommend it! While you’re waiting for next February to roll around for […]

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Sarah’s Corner – Adrenaline Junkie

I’m an adrenaline junkie. Not like jumping out or airplanes or doing anything crazy but I like the adrenaline rush. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined turkey hunting to give me a huge adrenaline rush. Until I met Chancy Walters and Jeremy McCarty of the Turkey Reapers. The first video I […]

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Tara’s Corner – The Odd Teacher

Being a teacher and a Queen of Camo don’t always mix.  Parents take some time to warm up to the idea of their child being taught by a woman that hunt. Some find it awesome, as I have instant common interest with their child. Others find it odd and out of the ordinary. Even coworkers […]

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Tara’s Corner – Patience and Squirrels

This morning, a couple friends and I went on a late season squirrel hunt in North Central, North Carolina. We took two Mountain Curs with us, Ghost and Kix. We headed to a small farm that is about 500 acres. The dogs were ready to go this morning.   Big Motor Kix is our 2 […]

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Meet Queen Jenn – Indiana

Fishing with my dad is the best thing in the word, there isn’t a greater thing a step-dad and daughter can do together. I am 22 years old this year and I love to fish with my father. My name is Jenn I live in northern Indiana and i love to be out in the […]

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