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Welcome to the QUEENS OF CAMO website!  Queens of Camo is a Social Movement & Series that follows passionate huntresses on their hunting expeditions. The show focuses on the importance of educating the public on the unique issues surrounding women who hunt.

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Red Stag Re-Cap

For anyone who purchased the “Queens of Camo” 2015 calendar, the following story goes with the picture featured in August, which is myself, and my  New Zealand Red Stag.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me.  My friends, family, and even people I don’t know helped to […]

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Meet Queen Meagan… The Falconer

We all share this passion for hunting, otherwise why would we be here? We all can relate to the experience of the hunt, of the hammering of your heart when that animal steps into your line of sight, the twang of your bow string upon release, the sounds of the rifle or shotgun exploding to […]

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How I Got My Start

I was so eager to get started on writing stories about hunting, that I skipped the one about me and how I got my start in the wonderful world of the outdoors!  I was born and raised on a grain farm in Central Saskatchewan.  My brother and I were responsible for collecting eggs from the chickens, cleaning […]

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